Our Offer

Building and modernising sales points in shopping centres is the main and most frequent task Delta-Bud executes. Many years of experience and cooperation with the most demanding clients from Poland and whole Europe allows us to provide services on the highest level with regards to:

– professional construction projects

– designing and executing electric power, air conditioning and ventilation systems

– preparing shop windows and covering them for remodelling

– making logotypes and signs

– installing shop furniture

– interior design and arrangement

– industrial floors

– all types of suspended ceiling constructions

– floor panels, vinyl and tiles

– cement-lime and plaster grout

– all types of partition walls

The above services are only the most important and basic part of our rich and comprehensive offer. In our work we believe in reliability and transparency. Therefore, for all our clients we always prepare a timetable with the end date for every stage of the works which we keep tightly. Looking after the highest quality of service as well as our clients’ comfort and satisfaction we provide clients with technical advice, we prepare design and post-completion documentation with all the necessary measurements, we advise on the most suitable materials (quality- and price-wise) and we give a few-year guarantee for our services. Moreover, we have a daughter company that provides maintenance services for the above-mentioned investments.

If you want to work with a professional company as well as save time and money contact us today.