About us

Delta-Bud has been operating on the construction services market since 2002. On a daily basis we deal with building and remodelling sales points in shopping centres. Years of experience in our business have allowed us to fully understand specific nature of the market we operate on. With our everyday work and commitment we have won our clients’ trust and we have built a network of trusted and reliable business partners. By doing so we have been able to carry out large projects.

The most dynamically growing part of Delta-Bud’s operations is coordination of works connected with finishing and remodelling sales points in shopping centres. Extensive experience in comprehensive executions as well as modernising commercial, shop and office spaces, partner relations as well as a tight team of employees committed to their work make us ready for every project and take on more and more demanding challenges. Having these assets we can be certain that we offer our clients services on the highest level, guaranteeing their satisfaction. Good relations with our clients, which result in a big number of new commissions, motivate us to constantly improve the quality of our services and tell us that we have taken the right direction to move forward.

Our company profile:

– We have a good and committed executive team which has proven itself on national and international construction sites,

– We have all the necessary professional qualifications and many years of experience in the construction industry,

– We have a highly qualified team of engineers, technicians and workers,

– We provide all construction services on the highest level,

– We improve and develop our working methods by attending numerous training courses,

– We approach every commission and every client’s needs individually,

– Our work has a positive outcome expressed by our clients’ opinions and incoming commissions.



We perform the tasks we are entrusted with based on a tried and tested executive team of people who have gained their knowledge and experience while carrying out both national and international construction projects.

We only cooperate with experts who can demonstrate all the necessary qualifications and many years of experience. In this way our clients can be sure that the works we are entrusted with will be done quickly, professionally and reliably.

From our engineers we require not only qualifications but also constant development and updating their own working methods. It guarantees that sales points in shopping centres that we build and modernise will present the highest level as far as their functionality and arrangement is concerned.

In our work we use a thorough analysis of our clients’ needs. Thanks to an individual approach even the most demanding ones are satisfied with the quality, speed and the end result of our work.

We have our own warehouse of construction and finishing materials, which means that we have a full access to all the necessary resources. This means that your commission will certainly be completed on time.